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Monday, February 4, 2019 - 10:00am to Friday, February 8, 2019 - 5:00pm
Austin, TX

Chicago Cellblock

General Production Information
General Manager: 
Company Manager: 
IA Traveling Heads of Department
Head Carpenter: 
R. Mark Wise, Local 60
Head Electrician: 
Matthew Brehm, Member ACT
Head Prop-Person: 
Miriam Gonzalez, Member ACT
Head Wardrobe: 
Cindy Krantz-Silverstein, Local 13
Head Hair/Make-up: 
Scott Mortimer, Local 798
Yellow Card Information
DepartmentEn TourTake InPerfPut Out
Truck Loaders: 
To Load TrucksTo Unload Trucks
Additional Remarks: 
Carpentry Take In Includes 4 Riggers, 2 Fly, 9 Hands. Carpentry Put Out includes 4 Riggers, 2 Fly, 10 Hands. Carpentry Show call includes 1 Carpenter & 1Flyman. Electrics Take In includes 6 Audio, 14 Electricians. Show call is 1 Audio, 3 LX. 4 Pushers are required for the In and 6 for the Out. En Tour includes 1 Swing Technician who is approved to cross all departments as assigned by En Tour Carpenter.
Contract Tier: 
League SET